Our Vision:  "A community with No One Hungry."

Improving your quality of life through good nutrition!


Quality of Life

Aging adults want to stay healthy, and by incorporating good nutrition one can improve the quality of life. Poor eating patterns may contribute to the progression of chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and thus affect functional ability and the activities of daily living. Nutritional status is a major factor throughout life in disease prevention, treatment and recovery of health.  Sadly there are too many of our senior citizens today that need to make the choice between eating and purchasing medications, paying utility bills, and other financial demands.  Much too often they go without essential food and are financially forced to take care of those other demands. For generations it has been known that optimal nutrition reduces stress, enhances immunity, affects longevity and improves outlook and quality of life.   No One Hungry can help fill the need for basic food items that are too often needed during the month.





Our Supporters


  • Parrish Medical Center Auxiliary


  • Archdeacon Rev. Kristi Alday

        The Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida

  • The Institute for Christian Studies

       At The Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida

  • Fr. Rob Goodridge, Rector

       St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Titusville, FL

  • Senior Life of Florida

      "Award-Winning Senior Magazine"

       Jill Blue Gaines, Publisher

  • Senior and Life Solutions

       Walt Willis - Winter Spring, FL

  • Jacki Bailey

       Titusville, FL

  • Comfort Service Heating & Air, Inc.

        Titusville, FL

  • Nick Johnson

        Midland, MI

  • American C.H.E.F. Consulting

       Titusville, FL

  • Splash Designz

      McCook, NE

  • Catherine Schrody

         Allen, TX

  • Michael Zielinski

       Titusville, FL

  • Pat & Naomi McCurdy

        Titusville, FL

  • Dale & Marie Wolfe

           Titusville, FL

  • Sara Ann Conkling

           Cocoa, FL

  • Dan & E.A. Mannen


  • Michael & Carolyn VanHeusen

      Titusville, FL

  • Jim Cullen

           Titusville, FL

  • Publix Grocery

        Rt. 50, Titusville, FL

  • Gregg & Darlene Goddard

       Titusville, FL

  • Lamont & Ginny Morse

         Titusville, FL

  • Wayne Lewis

         Titusville, FL

  • Bob & Sharon Warner

       Titusville, FL

  • Susan Braman

       Titusville, FL

  • The Church of God

         Christmas, FL

  • Boy Scout Troup #370

        Titusville, FL

  • Save a Lot food stores

        Earth City, MO

  • Builders Club

     Sculptor Charter School

        Titusville, FL










Matthew  25:35 "for I was hungry and you gave me food..."

Your generious donations help others who are in need.

  •  Charlie Leporacci "Charlie's Signs"   

              Titusville, FL

  • Andrea Dickerson

             Lancaster, OH

  • Al & Carol Kohler

             Titusville, FL

  • Bob Cote'

              Titusville, FL

  • Jean Dalessio Hirschmann

             Mims, FL

  • Cliff &Debbie Shuler

             Titusville, FL

  • Mary Mulligan

              Titusville, FL

  • Nancy Turgeon

              Titusville, FL

  • Vigo Importing Co.

              Tampa, Florida

  • Pat Gaetjens


  • Bill & Ann Shea

                 Titusville, FL

  • Charles & Nancy Abner

                  Titusville, FL

  • Leesa Adams

                  Titusville, FL

  • Charlie & Marie Hunsaker


  • Ed & Nettie Swan


  • Rev. Justin Holcomb

              Maitland, FL

  • Karen Klenke

              Niagara, WI

  • Tony & Ann Kanyok

              Titusville, FL

  • Vivian Schaible

              Titusville, FL

  • Beverly Bockstege

              Mims, FL

  • Kathline Barnhart

                Rensselaer, NY

  • Denny's

                 Titusville, FL












                                         Thank you to a Major supporter. 

                       Parrish Medical Center Auxiliary