Our Mission:  "Reducing Hunger...Giving Hope"


History of No One Hungry


No One Hungry is a non-profit ministry of St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church and Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church in Titusville, Florida.  In 2014, one parishioner felt a call from God to “feed my people”.  This calling grew into a desire to help senior citizens fulfill their basic need for food pantry items during the month.   Today we help individuals, families, seniors, and the homeless by operating two food panty's, making home deliveries to seniors, and by going to the homeless with needed personal items and food. We have also partnered with other local organizations to refer those in need to other programs that may improve their quality of life. There are many opportunities to be part of this growing ministry by volunteering to pack or deliver food, partner as a service provider to our growing senior community, or financially supporting this ministry with funds, support services, or food items. 

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     Growth in helping our community:


  • June 2015 began home deliveries to Seniors

  • July 2015 opened the Bethlehem Food Pantry for individuals & families.

  • September 2015 opened Julia Street Food Pantry for Seniors.

  • October 2015 Titusville Chamber Ribbon Cutting 428 Julia St. Pantry & Spaghetti Dinner

  • November 2015 "Dine to Donate" Fundraiser at Denny's 3500 Cheney Hwy, Titusville

  • November 2015  Jesse Parish Medical Center Auxiliary & others donated 2015 Nissan Van

  • November 2015  Titusville Boy Scout Troop donated 418 bags of food

  • Last Quarter of 2015 we distributed over 8700 pounds of food in North Brevard

  • First Quarter of 2016 we distributed over 9800 pounds of food in North Brevard

  • May & June 2016 we distributed 6398 pounds of food in North Brevard

  • 40 Days in the Word "food drive" giving 45 bags of needed food.

  • Aug. 2016 FIRST YEAR RESULTS...34,628 Pounds of Food Distributed in North Brevard

  • November 2016 Scout Troop #370 donates over 750 bags of food.

  • January 2017 NOH distributed over 2600 pounds of food to families in need.

  • March 2017  NOH announces "Mission Belize"  helping hungry children.

  • September 2017  "Mission Belize" begins. Hunger and need in Belize City.

On June 2015, thanks to an Angel Donor ,we received 200 cases of food items for distribution to Seniors in North Brevard.  Thanks to all who helped in the big job of loading and un-loading.

July 1, 2015 St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church and the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church of Titusville joined forces with No One Hungry FL and opened a Food Pantry on Dummitt Ave..  We received our first donation of bakery items from Publix grocery in Titusville. 

Reaching out to help the homeless in North Brevard.

October 25, 2015 "Ribbon Cutting" at 428 Julia St. Senior Food Pantry.

November 2016 Titusville Boy Scout Troop #370 donates 750 bags of food from their food drive.

Give a hand!
Feed the world Hope!
Giving Hope with hugs and
prayers with those in need.