Brevard School Pantry

What are school markets?

School Markets are established in Middle and High Schools to provide free meal items, beverages, snacks and food for families, to students without question of need or eligibility. The stigma barrier is reduced by incorporating students into the development of the market, providing a variety of food items, offering client choice, and eliminating the traditional intake system. Students who are hungry are less likely to focus on their education. Investing in the success of our youth means a brighter future for us all.


When kids get to elementary, middle & high school, their hunger problem doesn’t go away, it gets more intense. As they need more food to grow, we work hard to fill the void.

ONE IN FOUR Central FL kids do not know where their next meal is coming from.

THAT'S 193,000 KIDS at risk of going to bed without enough food tonight.

Hungry teens are more likely to engage in dangerous activities for money.

No One Hungry is partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida and 5 schools in North Brevard County providing a School Market Program. 


Your generous donation will directly support the School Market Program.

Mail Checks to No One Hungry P.O. Box 981, Titusville, FL 32781