St. Agnes Anglican Church

Today a church construction project started in Mahogany Heights in the Cayo District of Belize. These fine people of St. Agnes Anglican Church have not had a church building to worship. They have been meeting in a class room at St. Agnes School. Today, on the holiday of St. George Caye Day and the feast day of the Holy Cross, a new church construction project has started. This day commemorates a victory in a key battle of the Baymen of St. George against the Spanish in 1798. This ended the Spanish interest in this region now called Belize. Today, God’s new Holy ground of worship begins with the building of St. Agnes Anglican Church. NOH has been supporting the school and church for several years. With the financial support of Rev. John and wife Jacki, NOH, the generosity of the Lamont Morse memorial gift, and many Belizean families who have donated funds, time, and said many prayers, the church is under construction. If you wish to be part of this new project, give through our secure PayPal account at


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